Welcome To The Road To Recovery Program


The Healing Hacienda

If you arrive at this website then you are meant to be here to read this. There are no accidents. You might be here because you feel you can’t yet talk to anyone in your family. Perhaps you’re here because you’ve exhausted and alienated your entire family and/or loved ones. These extreme examples are a continuum emphasizing the early and advance stages of addiction.


You might be here because you are receiving information that may serve you now or at some time in your life still unknown to you. For whatever multitude of reasons you are here we welcome you. Here, you are accepted and loved for who you are. Those of us who are familiar with Amy Winehouse’s famous lyrics to her song, “No No No, Rehab, I won’t go,” might laugh at the contradiction of the mention of this song and your presence here. The creative lyrics to this song represent “denial,” the first stage in the process of addiction recovery.


Please use our web site to gain information and knowledge for yourself or for others. In no way is this web site to replace treatment. We urge you to seek the treatment that you can embrace.

Thank you for coming to The Road to Recovery Program’s web site.