About Us


 The Road to Recovery Program is an individually customized outpatient recovery program for alcohol and drug dependent patients. Each patient has a unique and personalized outpatient program to fit their needs. The Road to Recovery Program is designed as a hybrid treatment program, somewhere between a hospital (inpatient treatment program) and traditional psychotherapy. For some patients, The Road to Recovery Program is a hospital without walls.

For example, one crystal meth recovery patient, who could not get stabilized and who could not afford an inpatient treatment program, was treated 4 times a week, for a 3 week period. During this short, yet intensive treatment period, the patient, who had been in a crisis, became stabilized and was able to continue with his education, without interruption. The treatment for this patient took place in a nearby park setting, where we walked and talked as the patient worked out his problems. Following the 3 week intensive treatment program, the patient then returned to twice weekly sessions. Today this patient has achieved 1 year of sobriety.

The goal is to help the patient experience a “humane detox“ , medically supervised, when necessary, to maintain sobriety, while remaining employed, living at home and being productive. These are some of the goals for our patients. Some patients require hospitalization, an inpatient program, see the information on The Healing Hacienda, a psychiatric medication evaluation or the Prometa Infusion treatment program. See Prometa.com for further information on this new infusion treatment procedure.

Some patients attend our new inpatient recovery program, The Healing Hacienda ,on the shores of Mexico. This is a 28 day inpatient program, and is designed with the individual in mind. One patient will be treated at a time at The Healing Hacienda, offering a unique opportunity for maximum benefit. Since recovery patients do not recovery with traditional methods, we created The Healing Hacienda. See the brochure for details about The Healing Hacienda. Individual Psychotherapy, 12 step meetings, maximum exposure to natural beauty, healthy eating, exercise and more, this is the Healing Hacienda.

Since Alcohol and Drugs are toxic substances, they affect the brain in negative ways, causing Depression, and poor brain health. Improving brain health and brain plasticity, can be accomplished through sobriety. This is an important part of recovery. Change your brain, Change your life, a book by Dr. Daniel Amen, is another reference for our recovery treatment. Since Depression goes hand in hand with addiction, we have found that exercise, which increases blood flow to the brain is another useful part of our treatment program.

Through movement, (walking) and being in a natural setting, the addict has a better chance to recover and heal more effectively. In treating more disturbed patients , those who have dual diagnosis, and in more advanced addiction cases, non-conventional recovery treatment methods are required. Many of our patients have already failed multiple recovery inpatient treatment programs before being treated successfully by The Road to Recovery Program. The Healing Hacienda is the epitome of blending nature, and treatment.

What are non conventional treatment methods? There are numerous schools of thought involving movement and psychotherapy. Here are some examples: Somatic Counseling Psychology, integrates movement, cognition and emotions together. We apply movement therapy, with the patient in natural settings, as the gateway to unconsciously helping the patient begin to integrate the mind and body. We like the natural settings, like the beautiful, local parks, or the shores of Mexico, as a way for the patient to reconnect to mother nature while actively working on his/her recovery issues. See Somatic Counseling Psychology, Naropa, University.com for further information.

For those attending the Healing Hacienda, you have the most spectacular beach front location as part of your recovery program. Since nature affects many of us in a profound way, it will add to your strength in recovery.

The Feldenkrais Method, known internationally for awareness through movement, is another reference for supporting our philosophy that movement encourages a greater awareness of the body and mind connection. Addicts are typically disconnected from their bodies and mind, and have often used alcohol and/or drugs to disconnect and to stop feeling; to numb themselves against their psychic pain. See Feldenkrais.com for more information on this treatment method.

Somatic Expressive Therapy, has been used as a training method for the Massachusetts State Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. It is a powerful method of mind and body healing. This method heals the mind through body movement. See The Leven Institute for Movement.com for further information on this treatment.

All of these methods documented above suggest, as we believe, that movement assists with emotional growth, bringing accelerated healing and enhancing recovery. It is for these reasons that we utilize these methods of walking, in natural settings, while the patients process their recovery issues. We have seen tremendous growth using these simple and easily accessible, techniques along with other methods stated below.

What does our treatment program look like?

(1) Movement in nature

(2) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

(3) Positive reinforcement

(4) Alcohol and drug education and awareness

(5) Understanding cravings

(6) 12 step meetings

(7) Family treatment

(8) The Healing Hacienda is our 28 day premiere, inpatient program, with beach front living, 12 step meetings, Individual Psychotherapy, and far more, your Sobriety will most certainly be enhanced.

“Sobriety Awards" are earned at sobriety intervals. The literature demonstrates that behavioral and positive reinforcement helps support extended sobriety. The longer the treatment, the better the outcome. See Richard Rawson, Ph.D., a UCLA substance abuse researcher, who has numerous articles supporting our philosophy and treatment design.

With relapse rates, at about 90%, it is obvious that addicts do not recover with conventional methods. Applying our philosophy, as stated above, The Road to Recovery Program has a success rate of nearly 85%, for our patient population, who remain in treatment up to their first year of sobriety and beyond. Sobriety most certainly improves life!