Our Vision

Vision Statment

It is our vision that a solution to the human suffering of addiction may one day be achieved. The process of addiction can often be insidious. Suddenly you discover you are addicted and you don’t recognize how you got there. Even if you’re not yet addicted you may be unconsciously or consciously seeking information. Although this website does not replace treatment, we have valuable information to share in your own assessment of your position on the continuum of addiction.

We know that many people who are addicted are severely punished and stigmatized in society. Even with the numerous treatment facilities available, drug addicts still experience societal rejection and humiliation. Drug addiction is a public health problem and not a character flaw in the human being. It is a progressive and advancing disease that takes its toll on every aspect of your life. This includes employment, social relationships, professional relationships, personal, familial, intimate, financial, and health.

Our philosophy is that we believe in the humanistic approach to detoxification and recovery. What we mean by that is to minimize your suffering. This website exists for you to be able to explore in the privacy of your own home and psyche the extent to which you need help and to prepare you to seek that help. We provide an accepting, non judgmental environment to aid you in the process of seeing yourself clearly and not through a glass darkly. We wish you luck and perseverance.

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