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 Here are some testimonials that patients have sent to The Road to Recovery Program over the years. Due to the confidentiality issues in treatment, all names have been withheld.

* I have been in recovery treatment many times over the years. I want to thank you for showing me the way to true recovery. Your approach is unlike other programs. The time you gave me, the intelligent ideas you have, and the way you have helped me weave a recovery program together has MADE ME SOBER. I have you to thank. I could never have done this without you, and I could not thank you enough.

*These are memorable recovery phrases still ringing a bell for me to remain sober, now and forever, god willing. I know, I must do my part in this recovery plan, to make it all work. The phrases? “I never need to use again!” Do you know, how much that has helped me stay clean? “I can stay clean today”…………..I’ll deal with tomorrow when it comes. “Stress equals Cravings”……..this has helped me plan for those predictably stressful times, like the holidays. I thank you, as I need these thoughts to gain strength.

* “I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable help and support. Your unique combination of no-nonsense truth, tenderness, practicality, and love has brought me farther down the path to self-improvement than I’d previously thought possible. I am actually starting to think that trusting myself is a reasonable proposition!”stening to me. I’m so grateful to you and the program. I’ve changed and learned so much and built a great foundation with new friends and God.”

* “Thanks for being you-----caring and very positive!”

* “I can never ever repay you for what you’ve done for me. Thank you.”

* “I cannot express the gratitude for all the amazing things you have done for me. You are the best.”

* “Your emotional, psychological, and spiritual support are invaluable to me-I’m beginning to like the person I’m becoming with the help of your counsel, strength, and clarity.”

* “I have benefited from your ability to see quickly through situations and moderate our conversations. I have appreciated your wit and your modesty. You are superb at what you do. I am well and my relationship is flourishing.”

* “I could not have made it without you.”

* “ I must be a very lucky person to know a person like you. You have helped many ways and shapes with your love and grace. Thank you so much for all your love and support, for your kindness and help.”

* “Last weekend I celebrated my 2 year anniversary without Tina! Your help & support were a large part of my being able to attain this goal. Thank you very much.”

* “Thank you for your excellent guidance. I am able to enjoy this vacation all the more because of the helpful sessions.

*Thank you so much for your unswerving support of me in all matters and pursuits that improve my life. I have found rich stuff inside of me as a result of working with you, and never knew they existed.

*You have helped to save my life!

*What do you say to THE person (Laureen) that guided me onto my FIRST RIGHT STEP? I am alive because of you.

*I first met Laureen and found myself at the door of the road to recovery. I was broken and had a terrible crystal meth addiction. For the next 18 months, Laureen was instrumental in guiding me down the path of recovery, the compassion and trust I received gave me the base to start the long recovery process-----although firm, Laureen never dictated what my path was. Laureen always talked with me about how my recovery would be a combination of areas to work on---these areas took me a long time to incorporate into my life—Laureen never gave up on me, but allowed me to come to realize through the treatment time I had with her, in a safe and open environment, that I needed to accept what these elements of my recovery were going to be. After 18 months of unhappy recovery and a frightening relapse I found that I could attend 12 step meetings. Only then did I know that moving into my future, if I wanted to remain sober, I would need to be more open to allowing my recovery path to grow in a direction that I wasn’t necessarily in control of. Again Laureen guided me through this with patience and understanding---my life since then has continued to get better every day—I now know I never need to use drugs again and my strength to tackle my recovery and life, increase every day. Laureen has taught me this and the gratitude I have for this is beyond description---Laureen has quite literally saved my life.

Hi Laureen,

I hope all is well.  Today (March 28,2019) is the 13th  Anniversary of being "Tina " Free!  I owe  a large part of my successful recovery due to you!  Thanks again for all your help.

(Tina is a street name for Crystal Meth)

Hello Laureen,

This is an old patient from your past .  I just wanted you to know today  is a special day, September 2nd, is  my 15th year free of Crystal.   I have a new life,   still with my partner,  and getting ready to retire.   Its great to have 15 years.  I want you always to know that you are in my heart.  I thank you for everything, for all that you have done for me.  Thank you again.

I'm eternally grateful for the time we spent together in my early  days of my recovery and I think the world of you!   Thanks again.   It gives me great comfort and value  knowing you exist.